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poesiaUno de los propósitos para año nuevo ha sido leer poesía. No sé porqué ni porqué no. Supongo que el hecho de que sea el género literario más complicado, el uso perfecto de la lengua por antonomasia me ha llevado a ello. De modo que hoy os traigo una pequeña, nimia, colección de poemas. Vendrán más.

Margaret Atwood – You Fit Into Me

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
a fish hook
an open eye

Cindy MacMillan – Spicy

 The sentiment in the cinnamon stills

her hand. She’s recalling eyes so like spice, 

softly piquant. Mmm, how they’d widened ‘til

starbursts were all she could see. Once. Twice.

They had been rapacious. But what is love,

she thinks, but a delicious consummation

that never truly satisfies. Ground clove,

a dash of cardamom and sweet persuasion 

is stirred and stirred. It’s an old recipe,

one as familiar as the noise he makes

when he devours something savory

or honeyed, sighs from him breaking.

When the cake cools, she’ll steal a tiny bite

to wet so much more than her appetite. 

Landon Browning – Just A Little Something

We all want somebody that gives us that pleasure and satisfaction.
But why fiend off something that you WANT, its a distraction.
I know so many men came at you with so many tactics.
But I just wanna be that last attachment,
That last piece of the puzzle to your heart.
And I wanna keep that love from falling apart,
But you got to do your part, as well
and stop putting me through hell.
Because Love is colorless and blind,
and its never easy to find.
But it can come around at anytime.
So keep your eyes, wide open

Emily Dickinson – A Charm Invests a Face

A Charm invests a face
Imperfectly beheld --
The Lady date not lift her Veil
For fear it be dispelled --

But peers beyond her mesh --
And wishes -- a-nd denies --
Lest Interview -- annul a want
That Image -- satisfies -
Lang Leav - Lullabies

Lullabies by Lang Leav


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